Tech News - October 2022

Welcome to the October issue of Tech News.

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Teaching Rooms and Audio Visual Spotlight

The University has about 80 teaching spaces and many of these have chargeable lapel microphones (mics). These are the microphones that clip to your lapel or clothing so they are closer to your mouth when speaking.  Here are a few hints when using these devices.

  • We encourage you to use the lapel microphones, particularly if you are conducting a video conference, or recording in Panopto.
  • Be careful where you clip the microphone. Have it reasonably close to your face, but don't allow hair or clothing etc to touch the microphone or it will affect the audio / recording significantly.
  • Ensure you recharge the mic when your class finishes. You must seat the mic in the charger correctly or it may not charge. This could affect your fellow tutors later in the day.

Next Tech News we'll talk about the ceiling microphones.

If there are any issues during your teaching, make sure you call 6066 using the teaching room phone. These calls are answered immediately.

Any feedback about teaching rooms can be sent to

Reminder E-Waste Day is 14th October!

Bring us your unwanted technology - and WIN!
PB Tech have generously provided the following prizes for our first eWaste Day this year:

  • Largest amount of eWaste returned by a single area = Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro2
  • Most interesting/unique eWaste item = Samsung 32” 4k Curved Monitor
  • Random draw from individual contributors = x3 Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds and x2 Sennheiser Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Collection points are open between 10am and 3pm:

  • Hamilton - Outside the PB Tech Store at the Village Green.
  • Tauranga - Outside the Durham Lane entrance to the Tauranga campus.

Everything you need to know can be found on the E-Waste webpage.

Questions can be emailed to

ICT Services - what’s new and what’s changed

Mobile Phone accounts - planned changes for 2023
From 2023 mobile phone usage and costs will be more visible for Divisions. Monthly accounts will be provided via Finance Business Partners which will give a detailed breakdown by staff member, and allow Divisions more clarity of real time costs. More information will be communicated soon.

IRIS Staff Profiles
The new Staff Profiles solution is now live. Staff that haven’t created their profile in this space yet are encouraged to do so.
- read about the benefits of the new staff profiles solution
- follow the staff profiles quickstart guide to get going
- checkout the staff profiles FAQ for answers to common questions

Computer Labs
ITS surveyed University of Waikato students to gain their feedback on the current state of computer labs, and to determine what they envisage the future digital user experience being in this space.  The responses from 379 students is now being analysed and compiled to present to the mid-October Steering Group. In the meantime, and based on feedback from an earlier CMS student survey, an option for students to be able to plug their own devices into a monitor in the lab is being trialed. The trial BYOD space is located in S Block.

Printing changes - please stop student printing contributions
The upcoming printing changes were highlighted in the September Tech News. A reminder that the charging model will change next year and will include free printing for students. Further to the information in that article, we recommend that Divisions/Departments stop printing contributions for Higher Degree students. Communications is being sent to all students advising them to use their existing Unicash balances before December, and to only top-up the amount needed for any printing between now and year end. From next year printing for Doctoral students will be the same as for staff.  Divisions will be provided with printing usage reports for staff and doctoral students via their Finance Business Partner.

He Whatu Pūmanawa - Oracle Cloud Project for HR and Finance

  • The Oracle Cloud project is one of the major digital projects currently underway at the University, involving Finance and Analytics, Human Resource Management, and ITS.
  • The Oracle Cloud system will become the core system for the management of Finance and Human Resources at the University.
  • You can follow the progress of the project via a new Oracle Cloud - He Whatu Pūmanawa webpage.
  • This page includes frequently asked questions and project newsletters
  • Newsletters will be published via the General Staff Update at the end of each month and will provide updates on the project, including key dates and training information.

Upcoming ICT Training

Teaching Room Tech Using the dual screens for  zoom



Google Suite Drive, takeaway, photos



Google Suite Slides



Zoom (General) Meetings versus Webinars



Google Suite Calendar, Schedules



Google Suite Email, Chat, Meetings



This list is subject to change, for the most up-to-date information please view the Professional Development page which has the calendar and registration form. If you have any questions or would like a specific course developed, please email or contact the Service Desk.

Kuhukuhu Improvements

Human Resources

  • HR soft services can be requested in Kuhukuhu through the following forms:

Planned Maintenance

January - December

Renaming of all University computers to meet the official naming standard (affected users receive direct communication prior)

June - November

Replacement of Trend Micro with Windows Defender on all University computers. Mac computers have been done.

August - October

Rollout of the new Desktop standard across UoW meeting rooms

August - December

Fileshare hosting is being moved
- targeted communications and instructions will be sent prior

October 22 - April 23

macOS 12 Monterey now available
- upgrade via Self Service before April 2023.
For more information please refer to these instructions.

1 October

Kuhukuhu point upgrade - no change to usability
- offline between 2.30 and 6.30am

11-12 October

2 Degrees Scheduled Maintenance: Tauranga Campus
11pm 11th Oct - 6am 12th Oct
Two separate 15-minute outages within the maintenance period
- full loss of services (internet, phones, cctv) for Selwyn St Accom
- slow internet connectivity for TCBD building

13-14 October

2 Degrees Scheduled Maintenance: Hamilton + Tauranga Campuses
11pm 13th Oct - 6am 14th Oct

Two separate 25-minute outages within the maintenance period
- no inbound and outbound calling services

ITS Service Management
Feedback and Questions -
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