Tech News - December 2022

Welcome to the December issue of Tech News.

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Important! Google Storage Limits - urgent action required

  • The Google storage limit of 100GB per staff member is being applied on Friday 2nd December.
  • Staff that exceed this limit will no longer be able to edit or create google documents, or upload files to Google Drive.
  • It is highly recommended that staff empty their Google Drive Trash folder as this is reflected in the total storage amount:
    >open Google Drive
    >select Trash in the left navigation pane
    >click ‘Empty Trash’ at the top right of the screen
  • Microsoft OneDrive allows up to 1TB of storage each. This is helpful if you are trying to reduce your file storage on Google Drive. Follow these instructions to access and sign in to your OneDrive. And use the migration tool Mover (available until 31 December) to easily transfer your files.
  • OneDrive is for non-shared work file storage only at this time.
  • Contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Printer replacement almost finished

The replacement of the Konica Minolta printers with Fujifilm printers is now complete on the main Hamilton campus, with a few remote sites still to be done. These, along with the Tauranga campus will be completed next week.

PLEASE NOTE that the new Fujifilm MFD touch pad for your ID/swipe card is not very sensitive. You will need to tap your card to the touch point, and hold it for a few seconds to ensure the authentication process happens and you are logged on.

The old print queues will be disabled before the end of the year. If you have not done so yet, you can follow these guides for adding a new print queue and  information about wireless printing to enable printing.

For any issues, please contact the Service Desk.

Teaching Rooms and Audio Visual Spotlight

The University has about 80 teaching rooms which are progressively updated with new technology over a 5 year period.  This provides teaching spaces that are aligned with the University’s pedagogical strategy.

Because the updates are done over a 5 year period, the technology can be different from room to room.  It is highly recommended that lecturers and presenters visit their timetabled rooms prior to the start of their first scheduled class and familiarise themselves with the technology in each setting.  Press all the buttons - you can't break anything, and being confident using the room will help make your teaching successful!

You can attend scheduled ITS training on how to use the teaching room technology:

Teaching room technology (overview of touch panels, dual screens, audio, and zoom versus panopto)



or email the CeTTL for assistance.

If there are any issues during your teaching, make sure you call 6066 using the teaching room phone. These calls are answered immediately. Feedback about teaching rooms can be sent to

ICT Services - what’s ahead

Purchasing ICT Consumable Equipment Changes - from 1 Feb 2023
IT Consumable purchasing is moving out of UniMarket to PCards. This change aligns with the decommissioning of UniOrder as part of the He Whatu Pūmanawa Oracle Cloud transformation.

The UoW discounted pricing will remain for UoW PCard purchases, and the entire PB Tech Website will be open for UoW purchasing.

It is important to remember:

  • Any computer, any ICT item over $2k, and any CPU or Motherboard, are considered IT or CAPEX assets and cannot be purchased via P-Card. These must still be purchased by ITS via Kuhukuhu on your behalf.
  • If you are unsure about what you need to purchase, contact the ITS Distributed Consultant team or PB Tech at the UoW Hamilton Support Center before making your purchase for advice.

Watch the PB Tech Staff P-Card Purchasing Video for more information.

He Whatu Pūmanawa - update
The Oracle Cloud project is one of the major digital projects currently underway, their next update newsletter will be in the second week of November, meanwhile you can book your training session now.

Staff training for the new Oracle Cloud system is being held between 14 November and 24 February.

There are six training modules available:

  • For all staff:
    • ‘Empowering Employees’ - learn about the Oracle environment and the access you have to your personal information.
    • ‘Claiming an expense’ - learn how to make staff expense claims.
  • For PCard holders:
    • ‘Claiming an expense’ - learn how to code PCards and make staff expense claims.
  • For People Leaders, including those who hire casual, sessional and contingent workers:
    • ‘Empowering People Leaders’ - managing your team with Oracle, including viewing vacancies, completing actions and creating reports.
    • ‘Empowering hiring managers to lead recruiting’ - recruiting new candidates through a faster approval process, accessing existing candidate pools, and digital forms.
    • ‘Managing employee movements’ - managing staff transitioning to, from and throughout the University.
    • ‘Approving purchases’ - managing the automated purchasing process in Oracle.

For more information and to register to attend a training session, visit the Oracle Cloud - He Whatu Pūmanawa project webpage.

Mobile Phone Charging will change next year
A headsup that we are working with 2 Degrees to change the way the University is charged for mobile phone plans. The planned changes, aimed to be in place from next year, will provide better visibility of usage, and allow more data per user.  We’ll communicate more about this when the detail is confirmed!

Oracle Cloud: He Whatu Pūmanawa

Oracle Cloud: He Whatu Pūmanawa will Go Live on 1 February 2023.

User Acceptance Testing is underway and user training started on the 15th of November.

We have customised the look and feel of He Whatu Pūmanawa for the University of Waikato. This is something that you will see as you commence training in the system.

To find out more and register to attend a training session visit the project webpage at Oracle Cloud - He Whatu Pūmanawa.

Network Upgrade Project - update


  • Wifi and wired migration of users in F and G blocks
  • Physical cabling completed in C, D, E Blocks, TRU, S and R blocks
  • Infrastructure upgrades for E and D blocks

Currently underway:

  • Wifi and wired migration of users in R block 80% through
  • Wifi migration of users in E Block started
  • TRU design work
  • Cabling and infrastructure installation in Bryant Hall

Next steps:

  • Physical cabling in L and M blocks
  • Liven the new Wifi in Bryant Hall

Upcoming Training

There is no training in December or January 2023. Sessions are available from February, and in particular a teaching technologies refresher just in time for A Trimester start.

Teaching room technology (overview of touch panels, dual screens, audio, and zoom versus panopto)



Introduction to Google Applications (gmail, calendar, drive etc)



Uniaccess for administrators



For the most up-to-date information and to register see the Professional Development page. Email with questions or to discuss development of a specific course.

Kuhukuhu Improvements

Parking Services
All Parking Services can now be requested through Kuhukuhu - adding LTH details to PayMyPark, updating license plate details, advising of temporary vehicle use, event parking requests, Tauranga visitor parking - are all available under the one Service Request now:

This one form replaces the previous requests - “Event Parking” and “Tauranga Visitor Park”

Remember, Hamilton Visitor Parks are requested through Resource Booker. And permitted parking deductions must be set up in Aku Mahi before lodging details through this form with UniSafe.

Kuhukuhu Services Portal
The new look Kuhukuhu is almost here! We’re enabling search, turning on knowledge for staff and students, and making it easier to log requests and keep up to date with ICT news, and service disruptions. Keep an eye out for more on how to get the most out of Kuhukuhu, we’ll share more information before the end of the year.

Planned Maintenance

Oct 22 - Apr 23

macOS 12 Monterey now available
- upgrade via Self Service before April 2023.
For more information please refer to these instructions.

Nov 15 - Dec 16

MFD Printer replacement across University campuses

Dec 2

Staff Google storage limit reduced to 100GB per individual

Dec 5

Old staff and student ‘followme’ print queues turned off

Dec 8

Voicemail migration to Cisco Unity

Jan 9

Student Google storage limit reduced to 30GB per individual

ITS Service Management
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