ICT Warranties and Returns

Non-faulty returns

If you need to return an ICT item that isn't faulty, this needs to be done within 7 - 10 days of delivery, so please contact or your local Client Technology Support Team as soon as possible to arrange this.

Please note that freight charges will typically apply for returns, and restocking fees may also be charged if the item is returned outside the grace return period.


Dell and Apple computers are typically purchased with a 4 year warranty, however conditions will differ between equipment and supplier.

If you have a fault with your machine, the ITS Workshop can determine the purchase date and will make arrangements with the supplier to repair or replace depending on the terms of the warranty conditions.

There is no charge for new parts or labour on work covered by warranty, but you may be charged freight costs, if necessary.


If the equipment is outside the warranty period, the ITS Workshop will:

  • Repair themselves if authorised to do so,or
  • Make arrangements with an authorised external agent to repair the equipment

The department will be charged the cost of parts, labour and freight associated with the repair.