ICT Procurement

Purchasing from Dell in Unimarket

The Dell catalogue is not typical of the usual Waikato experience when shopping with other suppliers in Unimarket. Detailed below are the step by step instructions to follow to successfully buy items from Dell New Zealand. If more help is needed, please visit the Unimarket ICT Self Help page.

1. To find Dell in Unimarket - in the 'Suppliers' tab either search for, or choose, Dell New Zealand. 

2. Click on Dell New Zealand and select 'Roundtrip for University of Waikato' which will open the Dell Unimarket Catalogue in a new tab.

3. Use the 'Add to Cart' button to select the item(s) to be purchased:

And then 'Go to Cart' button on the pop up screen:

The cart displays and provides the ability to increase item quantities and remove unwanted items.
If more items are needed then 'Continue shopping':

Note: the $0 item "SDT - Order Consolidation (New Zealand)" can be ignored. This feature is a University level account setting used by Dell which enables bulk shipping.

4. Once the order details are finalised, choose 'Create Order Requisition' which will present the 'Shipping and Payment' screen

5. On the Checkout screen
For 'Delivery Method':
-  choose a preferred delivery date from the drop-down menu
For Trade Compliance (confirming the items purchased will not be sold or used in countries the US forbids Dell to sell to): 
- Choose 'Government/Civilian' from the 'how will these products be used?' drop down 
- Select the 'These products will be used at the listed shipping address' radio button option 
Click 'Continue Securely'

6. On the 'Review and confirm your order' screen - check everything one final time, then click 'Submit Order Requisition'

This then returns to Unimarket for completing the purchase as per usual Unimarket 'roundtrip' vendors. An account code, justification, and delivery address can be entered before sending for approval.

Dell is able to deliver directly to specific campus locations via the University Mailroom Services (rather than to ICT Procurement).

During Covid-19 Dell is also able to deliver directly to a staff member's home address instead of to the University.

To select an on-campus delivery address, or to have the order delivered to a non-University address, follow the 'selecting a delivery address' guide.