ICT Procurement

ITS provides an advisory and purchasing service for the procurement of ICT related products and services, and provides an IT Asset Management service for the University.

ICT consumable items can be purchased directly via PB Tech via their website or their Support Centre on the Hamilton Campus.

It is important to remember:

  • Any computer, any item over $2k, and any CPU or motherboard, are considered IT or CAPEX assets and cannot be purchased with a PCard. These must still be purchased using the "Hardware and Software Purchasing" request in Kuhukuhu, and will be processed by ITS on your behalf.

If you are unsure about what you need, or wish to discuss your hardware or software requirements, contact the ICT Support Team, or PB Tech at the UoW Hamilton Support Centre.

Purchasing ICT Equipment

ICT equipment is purchased using one of two budget types - Operating (Opex) or Capital (Capex).

For ICT Capex equipment, purchasing is coordinated by and bought through ITS and includes new or replacement computers, and the ‘bundle’ of equipment procured for a new staff member.

Purchasing ICT Consumable Items (using Opex)

Please ensure that you gain appropriate authority to spend  from your Cost Centre Manager prior to purchasing with your PCard

A range of general consumable ICT items can be purchased directly through PB Tech.

How are consumable ICT items delivered to staff?

Items purchased by PCard can be delivered directly to the staff member’s department, or to sites outside the main Hamilton campus, via the University Mailroom services if you enter your University address (eg; Engineering Office, Gate 8, Hillcrest, Hamilton). Or you can choose to click and collect when ordering via the PB Tech website. See the PCard Purchasing Video for how to do this.

For items purchased at the PB Tech Support Centre, in some cases what you require may be held in stock at the Support Centre and you can purchase it with your PCard and take it with you. Otherwise delivery/collection will be arranged for the next business day where possible.

Purchasing ICT Items (using Capex and Opex for specialist items)

All other ICT equipment can be requested through Kuhukuhu. If you wish to discuss your hardware or software requirements contact the ICT Support Team.

What does this include?

  • Software
  • Specialist Hardware
  • Desktop and Laptop computers (new and replacement)

Please note that for any Opex purchases made on your behalf, ICT Procurement requires an account (or project code) and delivery address. Costs, including (share of) additional freight, are typically charged once the item has been received. These transactions will appear in your GL accounts at the end of each month.

Procurement Policy

Please view the University Procurement Policy