Staff Profiles Project

The Staff Profiles project is replacing the system that University staff use for creating a public web profile.

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Good for staff

The new system is an add-on to IRIS, meaning you won't need to learn a new system. The new profile allows staff to showcase:

  • bio and contact details
  • publications
  • research interests and funded research contracts
  • teaching philosophy, papers taught and supervisions
  • a wide range of professional activities

We're also upgrading IRIS and enhancing the data feeds to IRIS from other University systems.

Good for visitors

The new system improves the experience for website visitors. Functionality includes:

  • search – both free text and by tags
  • filter by subject area (ANZSRC 2020 Fields of Research)
  • filter by availability for a range of activities including supervision
  • filter by department
  • view collaboration graphs, showcasing connections within the University

What is happening when?


The project team has developed new data feeds, upgraded IRIS and worked with the IRIS software vendor to set up the new staff profiles add-on.


Internal launch

When everything is ready, the upgraded IRIS will go live, as will the new data feeds. Staff will be able to work on their new profile, but the new profiles will not yet be visible on the Internet.

Currently in progress.


We will offer workshops, zoom training and drop-in sessions to help staff create their new profile.

Planned for the second half of August 2022.

Public launch

Once staff have had a chance to create their new profile, we will "lift the curtain" on the new system and turn off the old profiles. Current profile links will redirect.

Planned for early September 2022.

More information

Read answers to common questions and find out how to get help with creating your new profile. Login required – you need a University of Waikato account to access the FAQ pages.

Why are we doing this work?

A good public-facing web profile helps researchers to

  • be findable by potential collaborators in research, in industry and in the community,
  • attract research students, and
  • attract contracting/media enquiries.

The current staff profiles engine is clunky to use and difficult to maintain.

The new system should lead to more consistent and more complete profiles compared to those created in the current system. At the same time, we hope the new system will save academics' time in maintaining their staff profiles.

In the old system, automation of data is limited chiefly to recent publications. As part of this project, we are improving the data feeds to IRIS from the HR system and from the student management system to reduce the need to re-enter information.

Who is involved in this project?

The project was initiated by Prof Bryony James, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research.

The project team includes staff from ITS, Research & Enterprise and the Library, drawing on colleagues from other areas of the University.

Project steering group

Prof Bryony JamesDeputy Vice-Chancellor Research
Prof Robyn LonghurstDeputy Vice-Chancellor Academic
Prof Sarah-Jane TiakiwaiDeputy Vice-Chancellor Māori
Nikki ThomasDirector, Organisational Development and Wellness
Andre ChivellWebsite and Content Manager, Marketing
Representing Lou Kuegler, Marketing Director
Nico BekkerAssociate Director Programme & Commercial (Acting), ITS
Representing Eion Hall, CIO