ICT Strategy 2017 - 2019

The ICT Strategy is a pan-University strategy and comprises a number of contributing elements that form the ICT strategy framework.  The ICT Strategy will guide ICT changes derived from identified opportunities and risks and will assist the University with transformative organisational change in strategic focus areas.

ICT Strategy Framework - How will we do it?

The ICT Strategy provides the framework within which ICT will achieve its strategic vision and align with the University’s strategic goals.

The framework has been developed in such a way that it is considered a ‘living document’; meaning the premise of the strategy should be sustainable as a guiding document for the planning, governance and implementation of ICT initiatives for the duration, with the operational actions reviewed/refreshed each year to align with business priorities, risks and opportunities.

ICT Strategy Framework Diagram
[Click on an area of interest to access more details behind each element of the ICT Strategy] Strategic Focus Areas Opportunities Core Capabilities Outcomes Operational Actions

Alignment to University Strategy

The ICT Strategy will align with the University Strategy and ICT will directly assist the University to achieve its six strategic goals:

  • An organisational culture focused on high performance
  • Teaching and research programmes distinguished by academic excellence and relevance
  • A comprehensive programme of community engagement
  • Improved efficiency
  • A distinctive University of Waikato student experience
  • Investment in growth.

ICT Strategic Vision - What are we here for?

Engage – Enable – Innovate – Protect – Value

Our ICT strategic vision is [what we aspire to]:

"To engage, enable, innovate and protect our ICT services, and empower the University of Waikato to leverage the value of ICT to achieve its strategic goals".

We will do this through [how we will deliver the vision]:

  • Engaging with our staff,  partners and student communities to build digital capability and enrich the 'Waikato experience'
  • Enabling teaching and research excellence, student success and business productivity through high quality service delivery aligned to good practice
  • Embracing innovation and exploiting emerging technologies to the benefit of the University
  • Protecting the integrity of our systems, services and data via responsible custodianship and responsive service management and delivery
  • Leveraging the value of ICT for monitoring performance, managing risk, creative problem solving and improving decision-making.

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