Who are we?

Information Technology Services (ITS) is a team of ICT professionals who are experts in their field and are passionate about working at the University of Waikato. We are led by the Chief Information Officer, Eion Hall, and are structured into three core teams that are complimented by advisory and support functions.

Applications and Infrastructure

Applications and Infrastructure is responsible for managing the University’s core applications, servers and storage, and network and telephony infrastructure, and is led by Associate Director Applications and Infrastructure, Dougal Mair. This area has the following teams:

  • Application Services
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Cyber Security

Data Services

Data Services is responsible for managing all data associated with University applications, how this is stored and also modelling this data for consumption.  The Data Services Team oversees the Waikato Operational Data Store (WODS) and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).  The Data Services Team is also responsible for data that is integrated between applications and the overall architectural standards and conventions, which apply to all ITS Systems.  This is led by Associate Director Data, Integration & Architecture, Robbie McGregor. This area has the following teams:

  • Data Analysis
  • Integration Services
  • Architecture

Programme and Commercial

This team is our centre of excellence for programme management, project delivery and vendor management.  The team is led by the Associate Director Programme & Commercial, David Gunn, and brings together those involved in business application and infrastructure projects, teaching technologies, research technologies, and improving the student experience. The team is also responsible for strategic procurement and vendor management within ITS. The teams within Programme and Commercial are:

  • Solution Delivery
  • Teaching Technologies
  • Research Technologies
  • Student Experience
  • Commercial

Service Operations

Service Operations is our customer focused team for delivery of ICT services for staff and students and is led by the Associate Director Service Operations, Ange Scott. This team is responsible for the delivery of our core service management processes which include incident, change, request, knowledge and problem management.

This specialised group is responsible for ICT support for all your desktop, laptop and mobile device needs, and provides online support through the ICT Self Help website. They also manage both the desktop and audiovisual capital refresh programmes across the institution.

Service Operations incorporates the following teams:

  • Service Desk
  • ICT Procurement
  • ICT Support
  • AV Support

Support services are provided on weekdays during business hours through in person, phone and email channels via the ITS Service Desk and the ICT support teams located in the Student Centre and the Tauranga Hub. Support services can also be engaged via Kuhukuhu - our self service portal.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is an advisory role that links the business mission, strategy, and processes of an organisation to its IT strategy, and documents this using multiple architectural models or views that show how the current and future needs of an organisation will be met in an efficient, sustainable, agile, and adaptable manner.

Strategy and Change

Strategy and Change is an advisory role that supports the development of the ICT Strategy and change management and stakeholder engagement capability for ITS.

Administration Support

This team provides administration support to the ITS division.